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Do you have problems with drugs? Do you have the feeling that you got hooked, even had cold turkey? Is there nobody to talk to about it? You are affraid of talking to your parents and your friends might have the same problem. Or just the opposit,do you feel ashamed because they "wouldn't understand it"? Here we are!We are called "Drogfree", that means "free of drugs" and not "it is free to use drugs". Big difference!

We established the Foundation for Recovered Addicts in 1992. We work in a flat in Budapest that serves as a safe accomodation for those young people who went through crisis but willing to recover.We help to find the proper rehab institute and to get in touch with them. Once a week we meet our old friends who managed to recover with our help.

With them we established the Szederkert Studio for those who like to do creative work. We have made two short puppetfilms that were sent to various festivals too. The "Pesti Séta" is addressed to young students and it is about prevention and information. The other film, the "Der kleine Ludwig" is about a lost and confused young mouse who were sent from Berlin to Budapest by his parents.

Do not let yourself misled by drugs! Look at those who have been using it for years! Where is happiness? Every party has an end right? You can chat with us every day between 18-02 o clock. You can ask everything about drugs you can share your problems and your happines with us in the chat room.

Write to us! Do not cheat yourself saying "I can cope with it" or "I need drugs to stay alive". Once we tought the same but someone helped us too.
We would like to thank for everbody's help who supported our foundations work.

Our taxnumber:18009066-1-43
Account number:11613008-00139600-13000001

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Drogfree - Gyógyult Szenvedélybetegek Alapítványa
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